Paul Forsyth
Heart Failure Pharmacist

At Omnicell, we are hugely committed to measures that save lives, time and money. Indeed, our pursuit of next-generation solutions is what drives and inspires us every single day.

Despite our focus, we recognise very clearly that the longstanding problem of how to improve medication adherence isn't something we can solve on our own. For this reason, in autumn 2014, we launched the 'Adherence – let's take care of it' brand as a means of raising profile, changing perceptions and improving understanding across our full stakeholder spectrum.

Consulting with a range of partners including NHS Scotland, Parkinson's UK and Manchester Carer's Forum as well as our valued customers, we have created a website dedicated to this vital cause and have instigated the world's first 'National Medication Adherence Week'. By providing this platform for partnership and collaboration, we strongly believe that significant gains can be made in improving medication adherence and make poor patient health outcomes a thing of the past.

Please visit the website here and join the conversation; let’s take care of it together.

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