MDS Utopia - automation that fills and CHECKS packs as standard

Published Wed 27th Sep, 2017 at 00:00

Omnicell has seen record breaking sales of its revolutionary automated filling machine following its launch earlier this year.

The response to Omnicell's newest technology has been unprecedented with sales targets exceeded four-fold. Installation of the new Omnicell VBM-200F is now complete at two of the 11 pharmacies and pharmacy groups who have already invested in the machine after seeing for themselves the efficiencies it can deliver.

It is the only automated solution on the market that can accurately fill and check 40 cards per hour. Unlike other automated filling machines, its unique automatic checking mechanism can remove the need for a pharmacist to do this manually - saving additional valuable time.

The Omnicell VBM 200F is more than just another robot. Filling systems on their own just don't work as they only automate part of the process and as a result create more manual checks and a greater burden on manual processes with the risk of an increased error rate.

The Omnicell system is different, it can help you revolutionise the way you supply MDS systems to customers by not only automating your MDS filling process but by:
- Visually checking the contents of every blister
- Automatically taking corrective action in the event of an error

This ensures the right pill goes in the right blister every time and allows pharmacies to fill more trays with less staff costs while providing a valuable safety net for patients.

No other filling machine automates the checking process like the VBM which uses proven vision technology as standard. It verifies every medication for each individual blister, identifying and validating medication based on size, shape, colour, imprint and markings for maximum accuracy. This ensures any mistakes with a patient's medication are caught and corrected automatically. In addition medication not filled by the system can still be identified and validated by the system.

It uses smart medication trays which are equipped with barcode and RFID technology to ensure each pack is audited throughout the entire packing process. Each tray comes with a lid to ensure there is no risk of pills being displaced into another blister while the tray is moved from the machine to the blister check out system.

Cassettes can be changed while the machine is still running ensuring that all medication within the cassette is used up before it needs to be refilled. This means that there is no risk of mixed batches and expiry dates in the cassettes.

The drug and dose information for each patient is printed onto a coloured consolidated label on the inside cover of each card, which includes drug images - making it easier for patients to take their medication and therefore reducing the risk of errors in medication administration as well as dispensing.

The VBM-200F is fully scalable with your operation. It supports the emerging hub and spoke pharmacy models with the ability to daisy chain multiple machines to increase production further, allowing you to fill more trays as your business grows. It also increases the resilience of your operation and what's more, it allows you to leverage common architecture once you have already invested in your first VBM. Additional machines can be added on the go and the ability to use all your cassettes on any of your VBMs ensures ease of use.

Paul O'Hanlon, Managing Director of Omnicell UK & Ireland, comments: "We're delighted that the VBM will help 11 pharmacies automate their MDS filling process and drive efficiencies whilst ensuring maximum accuracy. The VBM is unique in the filling machine market as it does more than just automate the filling process - it checks all medication packed and corrects errors saving valuable pharmacy time by avoiding time-consuming manual processes.

"Here at Omnicell, we are continually pushing the boundaries of innovation through automated solutions that ensure pharmacies have the competitive advantage to easily scale their business and improve adherence and patient outcomes. We are committed to constantly developing our systems to ensure our customers are always at the forefront of patient safety and medication adherence."

You can see Omnicell's filling machine in action at this year's Pharmacy Show (October 8 and 9, Birmingham NEC) on stand PD10. Visitors are also invited to our showcase presentation at the show in the Technology theatre (12.45pm - 1.15pm, October 8) to hear more about how the Omnicell VBM-200F can transform MDS processes in pharmacies with its unique filling and checking technology.

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