Omnicell's controlled drug system in central pharmacy at Aintree Hospital is highlighted as an example of best practice in latest CQC annual report

Published Thu 28th Jul, 2016 at 14:06

Paul O’Hanlon, Managing Director for Omnicell UK & Ireland, the world’s leading manufacturer of automated supplies and medicines management solutions comments;

“Omnicell is delighted to be referenced as an example case of best practice within the CQC’s Annual Report for the safer management of controlled drugs (July 2016) for our partnership with Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“The Omnicell system manages all of the controlled drugs (CD) on a complete electronic ‘controlled drug register’, OmniCD, which is a seamless one stop process for issuing and restocking in central pharmacy. This solution offers complete integration with JAC or EMIS (Ascribe), ensuring that any item is only entered and recorded once.
“To increase the functionality in pharmacy, we have also developed Counter Issuing Software. So as soon as a controlled drug is picked from the cabinet it is automatically sent to the collection counter. At the counter, pharmacy staff review any pending issues for CDs and confirm the details of the person collecting the CDs from pharmacy, this can include an electronic signature or photograph. All of which is displayed in OmniCD.

“Every year a typical hospital will spend tens of millions of pounds on drugs and a lack of automated systems for managing the distribution of this throughout hospitals contributes to increased costs, inefficiencies, risk to patients and potential clinical governance issues. Most importantly, the lack of control, accountability or traceability at the point-of-use puts patients’ lives at risk due to medication errors or availability of stock. The report makes recommendations to strengthen existing arrangements for the reporting and sharing of controlled drug concerns across England and we are honoured to be mentioned by the CQC as a practical solution which can be shared more widely with other organisations.

“Our partnership with NHS Trusts across the country has enabled us to see first-hand the results medication and supplies management technology can bring. To date, Omnicell has successfully automated many aspects of drug and supplies management in over 100 UK hospitals with the installation of automated dispensing cabinets and robotic dispensing systems.

“Here at Omnicell, we’re excited to be part of the digital future of the NHS and look forward to working with more Trusts to drive-up efficiency through innovative technological solutions”

Alex Jennings, Deputy Chief Pharmacist at Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, added: “Working with Omnicell has delivered a seamless controlled drug ordering/supply package that has transformed our working processes. Controlled drug handling is now safer, streamlined and more efficient. It makes a refreshing change to have a technology company listen and actually respond positively to its customer's requirements."

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