Our modular system means we can create a number of solutions using various combinations. To find out which solution is most suited to your pharmacy, please contact one of the team.

Key features and benefits:

» Medimat
The Medimat can dispense up to 300 packs per hour and is ideal for slow to medium moving inventory. It’s the ideal solution for your pharmacy if you are looking for a small, basic unit to begin with or a substantial robotic system fitted with specialised accessories, complete with integrated conveying technology. The chaotic filling system uses a Fill-in-Door semi-automated restocking mechanism and easy to use touch screen monitor.

» Speed-Box
With a high storage capacity and fast dispensing system, the Speed-Box creates an efficient method of handling medicines so you can increase productivity and spend more time providing clinical advice. It dispenses up to 720 packs per hour and up to 2,400 per hour with optional multipicking. The channel system is ideally suited to fast moving inventory and can easily handle high demand volumes. It uses flexible conveyor technology which can be adapted to meet the needs of any pharmacy.

» Fill-in-Box
Our Fill-in-Box is an automated hopper filling system that can be used along with our Medimat or Speed-Box system. Simply tip the medicine packs into the hopper and they will be processed at an impressive rate of 300 packs an hour. Because the system is fully automated it takes away the need for manual pack handling, improving productivity.

» Robomat
Made up of the Medimat and Speed-Box, the Robomat will provide you with greater efficiency than you ever thought possible. With a dispensing speed of up to 300 packs per hour and up to 1,200 per hour with optional multipicking,, Robomat provides optimum automation for your slow, medium and fast moving lines, by combining automated and manual restocking.