Our supply systems include secure closed cabinets and open scanning systems which track inventory in real time and cost product usage to patients and procedures.


Our GS1 closed cabinet systems offer the most secure option for inventory, driving control and compliance and maximising your return on investment. Ideal for high cost items, our quick access cabinets mean supplies can be locked away rather than being left on open shelves in store rooms which can be accessed by numerous members of staff with uncontrolled access. A cabinet can be installed virtually anywhere in your hospital - store rooms, corridors, anesthetic rooms, labs or theatres.

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Our GS1 RFID cabinet ensures maximum control and compliance. Ideal for high cost items, implantable devices, and trauma trays - where you need to take and return multiple items at once.

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Our GS1 range of open scanning systems includes handheld scanners, tablets and PDAs. These can be used in conjunction with the cabinets systems, a web browser or stand alone in open store rooms, theatres or labs.


RFID KanBan provides fast and efficient top-up, eliminating the need to visit each department and do a manual stock count. It uses a double bin method of stock management with each item stored in a bin and separated into two trays.

Available with two different data capture devices – RFID Mailbox or Panel

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Omnicell also has a range of systems to support with topping up stock, storeroom ordering and patient costing.

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