Our supply systems include secure closed cabinets and open scanning systems which track inventory in real time and cost product usage to patients and procedures.


Thoughtfully designed to deliver increased capacity and greater ease of use, Omnicell XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets are ideal for high value supplies as they keep them secure while being easily accessible. Compared with the previous generation of Omnicell cabinets the XT series offers:

  • Larger capacity to help reduce stockouts.
  • Brighter guiding lights guiding you directly to stock, which are visible in virtually any environment.
  • 15-inch touch screen that is more responsive – similar to current smartphones.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 to enhance reliability, security and responsiveness.
  • Modern Starbus electronics architecture adaptable to future innovations.

We offer a wide array of cabinet configurations to meet the needs of different departments. Medication and supplies can even be combined in a single cabinet, adding convenience and saving space. They can easily be added to existing Omnicell networks as part of our unified platform.


Our GS1 RFID cabinet ensures maximum control and compliance. Ideal for high cost items, implantable devices and trauma trays – where you need to take and return multiple items at once. All items in the cabinet are RFID tagged and the system quickly scans everything in the cabinet, instantly confirming what has been taken, returned or restocked.

The cabinet can be configured internally to meet the specific needs of your hospital and is able to scan all items inside the cabinet regardless of their position or orientation. Clinical staff do not need to scan or press anything – the cabinet does it all for them.

Sure Med by Omnicell