February 26, 2020

Antony Platt, Omnicell's UK HR Business partner shares the company's people plan - The Better Programme

Antony Platt is HR Business Partner for the Omnicell UK&I business and is based at the company’s international headquarters in Irlam, Manchester. He joined the Omnicell business just over three months ago and has been getting up to speed with the UK People Plan – the Better Programme.

It’s Workplace Culture Week – a time to step back and reflect on the efforts we put in to making companies a great place to work all year round.

At Omnicell UK&I we want to ensure employees feel happy, supported and valued. This is why we have the Better Programme – it ensures we look after our people as well as our customers and create a positive and fun workspace.

For me, first impressions are critical and having recently joined Omnicell the Better Programme has been successful in making me feel welcomed to the business. It is clear that the Better Program helps create a real sense of community and it makes it a great place to work.

Omnicell UK&I has 3 key areas of focus within the programme; better growth, better collaboration and better reward. Each area has had a director appointed as a Better Champion and a network of employee volunteers who are dedicated to improving these particular areas of the business.

The Omnicell UK&I Better Programme has been operating successfully for 4 years which has resulted in some exciting activities implemented throughout the business.

Better Growth – Having knowledgeable and happy staff can only be a win-win for any business and Better Growth is focused on providing an excellent employee experience through having the perfect welcome and developing talent.

Better Collaboration – Clear direction and communication is really important in any business. Better Collaboration is focused on connection and direction to help provide business clarity, focus and leadership which helps achieve success.

Better Rewards – focuses on ensuring that our colleagues feel valued and hard work and commitment is recognised and appreciated as well as helping to provide employees with a healthy and positive work environment.

Employees at Omnicell are extremely engaged, enthusiastic and regularly contribute to the Better Programme with fantastic ideas and activities to make Omnicell a fantastic place to work and an employer of choice.

In my first couple of months, I have been extremely impressed with Omnicell as an employer. I have never worked for an organisation which cares for its people as Omnicell does. I have also been very impressed with the way that Omnicell listens to the employee voice and takes on any feedback suggested to the business – valuing contributions at all levels within the business.

I cannot wait to see what the Better Programme brings next!

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