“We’ve seen a big rise in our workload, just like the rest of the NHS and that’s not going to change. When staffing numbers don’t increase in line with that workload the only way to handle the increased demand is to deliver efficiencies in the way we work. Investing in technology is one solution for that. Since putting the Omnicell systems in place we have been getting through much more work in the day and have seen an increase in our output.” Nicki Ody, Principal Technician – Royal Derby Hospital.

You can find out more about how Omnicell robotic dispensing systems are helping Royal Derby Hospital to deal effectively with increasing workloads here.

“As a result of the recent community pharmacy cutbacks it’s crucial to invest in technology and to be aware of the benefits it can bring. Wellbeing has invested money on a Robotic Dispensing System to make savings in the long run and be more efficient. We can now provide a better service as we have time to be at the counter engaging with patients, rather than being a pharmacist tucked away
in the back of the store doing logistics work like putting away stock.The accuracy of the system allows us to make better use of skilled staff such as accuracy checking technicians and dispensers.” Claire Langan, Pharmacy Manager – Wellbeing Pharmacy.

You can find out more about how Omnicell robotic dispensing systems are helping Wellbeing Pharmacy spend more time with patients here.

“We have completely changed the way we have worked – within weeks of installing the robot we were able to get at least 10% more staff time on wards.” Gill Honeywell – St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight.

“The system is well built, reliable and has very little downtime. It has undoubtedly improved the service we can offer by making it quicker and more efficient.” Nicola Holt, Royal Brompton Hospital.

“The biggest benefit of automation has been the impact it has had on our working environment and dispensing processes. Automation has improved our efficiency, accuracy and safety. With most of our stock now being stored and picked by the robot, the dispensary imparts a feeling of calm and efficiency. Smooth workflow systems have resulted in an improvement in turnaround times and a reduction in picking errors.” Jan Groves, St James Hospital – Gledhow Wing.