Improve workflows, performance and pharmacy care solutions through the autonomous pharmacy

Omnicell's autonomous pharmacy care solutions offer workflow automation, data intelligence, and expert services. We enable caregivers everywhere to focus on improving patient outcomes.

Accelerating the Evolution of Pharmacy

The autonomous pharmacy is designed to address clinical, operational, and population health challenges. It helps clinicians safely and securely deliver the right dose to the right patient at the right time across the care continuum.

At Omnicell, we care passionately about health and wellness. We’re dedicated to building the world’s first error free, fully automated medication management platform. Our goal is to empower care professionals to deliver improved patient care, clinician satisfaction, and pharmacy performance.

Nodes on the Network

On-demand data about all of your medication and supplies, all the time.

A goal of the autonomous pharmacy is to transform each unit dose of medication and each medical supply item to a digital node on your network.

The aim is for medication to move from central pharmacy to point of care. As it does so, pharmacists, nurses, and physicians use connected devices and integrated systems to access detailed information and easy-to-understand data insights.

An Opportunity for Radical Change

The autonomous pharmacy is a game changer. It's a direct response to escalating challenges in medication and supply management across the continuum of care.

Healthcare leaders struggle with patient safety issues, staffing and operational inefficiencies. Non-adherence, controlled substance monitoring, and a rapidly changing care landscape also cause problems. Consolidation, vertical integration, regulation, staff shortages, and demands on the system from chronic disease have brought us to a critical point.

These challenges, compounded by error prone and manually intensive workflows, drive up cost. They also keep pharmacists, nurses, and physicians from focusing on what matters most – positive health outcomes through safe and effective medication therapy.

Omnicell customers around the world are responding to industry challenges by initiating change management and digital transformation strategies. These healthcare institutions are already experiencing the benefits of their autonomous pharmacy journey.

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