Guidance on cleaning your Omnicell equipment

This update is supplementary to the guidance issued by Omnicell UK on 18/3/20

Cleaning Omnicell Equipment:

Sterility is a top priority in stemming the spread of COVID-19. We wanted to share with you our guidelines and best practices for cleaning our Omnicell equipment.

Omnicell ADC Cabinets – Medication/Supplies: There is no increased risk with using Omnicell cabinets and this is comparable with using other computer based equipment. For Omnicell cabinets the only special measures that should be in place are to regularly clean the cabinet down as per the guidance in the attachment below. In addition, clinical staff can also use gloves and login with their username and password instead of their fingerprint.

You can find a guide on how to clean Omnicell ADC cabinets here.

RDS: Customers should clean frequently touched surfaces with a hard surface cleaner. You should not clean internal elements of the robot.

VBM: Customers should clean their VBM frequently in accordance with the VBM 200f Operations and Maintenance Guide which customers should have a copy of. If you need a copy of this guidance please email

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