HCSA 2020 Engage

HCSA Conference 2020: Discover the latest step in WYAAT’s Scan4Safety programme to support improved patient safety with Omnicell's solution, SupplyX.

Stuart MacMillan, WYAAT Scan4Safety Lead joined us at this year's HCSA Conference, to discuss West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts latest step in their Scan4Safety programme to support improved patient safety whilst reducing the cost of care with Omnicell's solution, SupplyX.

Within WYAAT, Omnicell’s SupplyX software will be used as a regional supply chain solution with NEP, GHX and inventory functionality. It will meet the needs of clinical, supply chain and operational staff by providing a shared view of product usage and the ability to reduce clinical variation through shared reporting on practices. The data created by SupplyX will allow WYAAT staff to drive efficiency, reduce waste and improve outcomes.

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Stuart Macmillan

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