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Unleash pharmacy and supplies IT technology that harnesses data across settings for better care and operations.

A Partnership Between Omnicell solutions and IT

IT leaders are taking advantage of advances in cloud hosting, network management, and Big Data to benefit patients. Any investment needs to show returns on safety, efficiency, and clinical guidance. From data warehousing and management, security, governance, and predictive analytics, IT management covers a broad and complex charge.

Omnicell aims to be the partner who brings smart, reliable medication and supplies management technology that easily integrates into a fast-changing, complex health system infrastructure. We engineer our automation systems to meet and exceed the expectations of IT management.

Omnicell systems:

IT Setting

Omnicell automation systems aligned to your IT ecosystem

Omnicell makes it easy for you to harmonize and optimize your medication and supplies management automation. We understand the challenges involved in adopting new IT technology, and we offer flexible options and hosting models to best fit your unique environment.

We combine several pharmacy medication and supply automation systems including direct interoperability with electronic prescribing medicines administration (ePMA) systems. This healthcare technology integration means fewer steps and fewer errors, leading to better patient care—and moving you closer to the autonomous pharmacy vision.

First-rate support for maximum up-time and reliability

Speed, reliability, and professionalism define our approach to support. Our goal is to ensure customers can fully leverage our solutions and see immediate returns on health outcomes, patient experience, and operations.

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Omnicell's ePMA Integration connects to other systems to leverage real-time data insights, offer streamlined interoperability, and enable new optimisation capabilities across workflows, care settings, and IT systems.

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