Omnicell specialises in medication dispensing and administration technology and can provide you with everything you need to automate your community pharmacy.

Invest in our hardware and software solutions will allow your business to continue to grow, evolve and survive despite the current funding cuts.

In addition, our solutions free up staff time and reduce resource required for operational repetitive and manual tasks so staff can spend more time with patients. This will also ensure your business has the time it needs to focus on other important revenue streams such as medicine usage reviews and patient group directives.

With an estimated third of the 47m medication errors within primary care each year happening in the dispensing process, our technology and medication adherence packaging can lead to a substantial reduction in medication related errors and improve patient safety.

A number of our products are available as lease or finance deals making automating your pharmacy affordable. We also offer 12 months deferred finance deals subject to credit approval so you can install now and start paying later.