Advanced Solutions

Controlled Drugs Management

Omnicell is designed to manage controlled drugs both on the ward and in central pharmacy, eliminating keys and paper registers, freeing up nursing time and removing the need for manual chain-of-custody registers. In addition, our Remote Pick CD application enables Central Pharmacy to automate the controlled drug picking process after the drugs have been issued out of your stock management system.

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Remote RX – Reduce Picking Time to Spend More Time with Patients

Our Remote RX application gives nurses the ability to remotely request medication from the cabinet so medication requests can be completed at a time and locations that is most convenient for them. It also eliminates queues at the cabinet itself and reduces the risk of any interruptions that may occur in the medication withdrawal process.

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Electronic Prescribing Integration and Anywhere RN

Omnicell can integrate with your electronic prescribing and administration (ePMA) system to further improve safety and efficiency. The Omnicell cabinet receives a live feed of the patients’ prescription profiles and includes any changes or stops to prescriptions. After choosing a patient, the nurse can then see their Active Prescriptions, Inactive Prescriptions, PRN’s and Scheduled Meds and these are filtered by the time that the prescription is due.

We can also integrate right into the user interface of your ePMA system. At the administration screen, the nurse can select the drugs due for administration and simply click ‘Add to Omnicell Queue’. At the cabinet, the nurse just logs in and selects the patient then all the queued drugs are dispensed at the touch of a button.

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