Reducing stock holding levels, freeing up pharmacy and nursing time to focus on patient care and the adoption of prescribing systems and electronic medication administration systems were all key recommendations of the Lord Carter report. The new Omnicell XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinets will help your Trust to achieve all three.

“If all NHS hospitals achieve the 20 days stock holding target then this alone could save £200 million”
– Lord Carter


A more efficient workflow – 50% MORE CAPACITY

Optimise inventory, minimise stock outs, and reduce missed doses – giving pharmacy and nursing more time to focus on clinical activities.


A safer approach – 30% FEWER MISSED MEDS

Minimise risks caused by drug medication errors, enhancing patient safety.


Greater flexibility – STARBUS TECHNOLOGY

With a wide range of configurations, the Omnicell XT system can easily expand and scale as your health system grows.

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