March 15, 2021

Omnicell is attending the European Association of Hospital Pharmacy Congress 2021

EAHP Congress, celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, runs from Tuesday 23rd March to Sunday 28th March and for the first time in its history, has moved to a full online programme. Its packed line-up of activity will allow attendees to participate virtually in learning more about hospital pharmacy, with a particular focus on the future of patient care. 

Omnicell, is utilising this year’s Congress to introduce the next generation in robotic dispensing by showcasing our new and improved Medimat robotic dispensing system for central pharmacy. It will improve efficiency, drive savings and help to free up staff from administrative and logistical tasks (such as unpacking medication, stock management and searching for medication) to spend more time on clinical work and building patient relationships.  Be sure to visit our virtual stand for a sneak preview!

Medimat significantly reduces the risk of dispensing errors by simplifying the process and driving down the number of human interactions involved in the pharmacy workflow. Omnicell’s team of pharmacy specialists work together with health care systems to realign workflows and train staff, ensuring minimal disruption. Pharmacists will know where the drug is within the robot and what quantities are available. In addition, it enables them to track slow moving items and eliminate wasted or out of date stock.  As the Medimat generates a real time report on stock usage, the need for manual stock counts is eliminated, saving valuable time.

Omnicell has a wealth of experience when it comes to developing innovative technology combined with an indepth understanding of pharmacy workflows. The speed of the next generation Medimat is optimized as each dispense is two movements. Furthermore, Omnicell’s suction pads ensure that boxes are not damaged and bottles are not broken during the loading and dispensing process.  Inputting medication into the new solution is now safer than ever, due to its highly effective scan station, while the direct mode enables users to have medication available for immediate dispensing. With an input speed of up to 750 packs per hour, Omnicell’s direct mode is one of the fastest available. The new solution has even greater pack capacity than its predecessor and is available with up to 10 metres of conveyor belt. Additional features include:

  • Fast stocking with improved gripper
  • Large pack dimension capacity
  • Speedbox solution to manage high volume, fast moving lines
  • Modern look and feel in four colours to match your hospital pharmacy
  • Size options to meet your needs and different spaces
  • Input that meets with FMD requirements

Omnicell’s new solution not only improves workflow and efficiency but also offers value for money and real cost savings. A lack of inventory precision and control is costing hospitals money through expired stock, in addition, the speed of the robot will allow for more prescriptions to be processed with a higher level of accuracy.

As well as the new Medimat, we will also be using the Congress to showcase our new MedX solution, which brings together Omnicell Solutions to give one clear view of your medication inventory, in real-time, across all hospital sites. So, to find out how our automated dispensing and CD solutions can support you on your journey to the autonomous pharmacy, why not arrange a meeting with one of our experts at this year’s event?

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