April 27, 2021

Well Pharmacy partners with Omnicell to help give time back to care

Well Pharmacy, the UK’s largest independent pharmacy chain, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Omnicell, a leading provider of supply and medication management solutions and adherence tools for healthcare systems and pharmacies.

This partnership will highlight Omnicell’s innovative eMAR solution to more than 350 care homes across the UK in a bid help reduce medication errors, improve patient safety and operational efficiencies so that care staff can spend more time on face-to-face patient care.

In care homes more than 92% of medication errors* occur in the medication administration process. Through Omnicell’s eMAR solution which includes patient specific barcode technology, care homes can significantly reduce medication error figures and improve patient safety to help ensure the right dose of the right medication is given to the right person at the right time, every time

Omnicell supports everything care home organisations need to support patient safety including all equipment, installation, training and technical support. Each residential home will work with a dedicated and expert team to guide the transition from traditional paper-based systems to the eMAR, making the implementation as seamless and straightforward as it can be.

Claire O’Connell, Director of IT and Digital for Well Pharmacy said:

“Technology plays an important role in giving healthcare workers time back to offer person centred care. At Well Pharmacy we pride ourselves on giving a local community service to patients and customers. We are pleased to partner with Omnicell to launch this eMAR solution that not only helps to reduce medication errors but gives care home workers valuable time back to improve the quality of care their residents receive”.

“At Omnicell, we pride ourselves on supporting care staff to provide high quality and safe care to residents. Solutions like Omnicell’s eMAR reduce the risk of medication errors and free up staff time for face to face patient care is at the heart of everything we do. We're proud to be working with one of the largest pharmacy chains in the UK who share our ambition to embrace digital health technology, promoting electronic medication administration records to become a standard of care across UK care homes,” said Sara Dalmasso, Vice President and General Manager, International at Omnicell. “Through this partnership with Well Pharmacy we are able to support UK care homes with their medication management to improve patient safety by using automation to help the right resident receive the right dose of the right medication, every time.”

For more information, about Well Pharmacy’s Care Home Service please contact carehomes@well.co.uk

*Prevalence and economic burden of medication errors in the NIHS in England – EEPRU commissioned report for Department of Health, February 2018.

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