Make medication requests straightforward. This remote medication management system gives staff access to medication supplies, removing chances of errors and giving back clinical time to staff

Image of a doctor with a patient
Image of a doctor with a patient

Untether Your Nurses from the Dispensing Cabinet

Lines at the automated dispensing cabinet take valuable time away from nurses and also limit access for pharmacy. Omnicell® Anywhere RN™ Remote Medication Management software creates a more flexible medication administration process that lets nurses perform medication management tasks away from the cabinet via their computer workstation.

Anywhere RN Remote Medication Management allows remote requests for ordering, returning, wasting, and medication overrides. It also creates a simpler process for removing medications at the cabinet.

By allowing nurses to process medication orders in quieter areas with fewer interruptions, Anywhere RN promotes patient safety as well as nurse satisfaction.


Enables remote management of:

  • Medication orders
  • Returns
  • Waste
  • Medication overrides
    • "My Patients" list allows nurses to see only patients assigned to them during their shift, speeding medication transactions. 
    • "Medication Availability" indicates where cabinets are located with stock. 
    • Includes patient privacy features.


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