Controlled Drugs Cabinet Solution

XT Automated Dispensing - Controlled Drugs
XT Automated Dispensing - Controlled Drugs

Replace paper based controlled drug registers with our automated controlled drug register solution. The browser based application provides an electronic controlled drugs register. It also records the issuing of controlled drugs from pharmacy to ward/inpatient/outpatient recipient. Integrate with cabinets in clinical areas for end-to-end tracking, ordering and restocking of CD.

Can be used with the Remote Pick CD application. The application connects to your ePMA and determines which drugs need picking for which patients and/or wards. The drugs are then automatically collated and sent to the central Omnicell CD cabinet as ‘remote picks’. When an authorised user logs onto the Omnicell cabinet they will be presented with a pick list for all the outstanding drugs. The user is then guided to the locations to pick all the required drugs.

"We have dramatically reduced the resources required to dispense and manage controlled drugs. Omnicell has become the controlled drugs register with work transferring seamlessly from labelling to dispensing. Labelled items pass straight to the Omnicell and require only a one touch selection process followed by a simple balance check before you are on to the next item with all records automatically saved. This is a revelation for a busy hospital dispensary."

Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Aintree Hospital


  • No more paper CD registers
  • Real time reporting
  • Long-term archiving
  • Multiple export formats
  • RemotePick CD application automates CD picking process after the drugs have been issued out of stock control system
  • Streamline processes
  • Supports multiple CD workflows


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