DB Compact
DB Compact


The easy, efficient, and convenient way to de-blister medication.

The DB Compact is a unique and compact de-blister machine. It has been designed to reduce the time consuming task of removing medication from its packaging and eliminate repetitive strain.

With an ingeniously small and simple design, the DB Compact provides ease of use for pharmacy staff, improves efficiency and allows more time to be spent supporting patients. The straightforward process also means minimal supervision or training is required.

Designed to sit on a desktop or be stored away until needed, this compact machine is built for the everyday needs of pharmacy. The machine can de-blister a vast variety of medication including both multi-row and diagonal blister packs with an output speed of up to 20 blisters per minute. The automatic lifting clamp can de-blister any medication configuration without any adjustments, so you can de-blister faster, rather than spending time adjusting. It’s also made from durable high grade acrylic and anodised aluminium which means it’s built to last – pill after pill, day after day, year after year.

The DB Compact is one of the most cost effective solutions available and its unique design means there’s nothing else quite like it.

Save yourself time, resource and repetitive injuries with the DB Compact de-blister machine.



Watch the DB Compact in Action


  • Output speed of up to 20 blisters per minute.
  • Can be stored away until needed.
  • Can de-blister a vast variety of medication including both multi-row and diagonal blister packs.
  • Made from durable high grade acrylic andanodised aluminium. 
  • No complex adjustments are required - the automatic lifting clamp allows any row configuration to be dispensed instantly with no adjustments.
  • Ergonomically designed handle - left and right handed handle options with soft rubber wheel. 


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