Omnicell eMAR automates the entire medication management and administration process.

The system gathers information, provides prompts and accurate instructions for staff. It also gives managers real time administration data at the touch of a button. Each individual medication is identified through barcodes generated at the pharmacy. These can then be tracked at all stages, from check in at the care home to administration. Tracking even works when unused items are disposed of or returned to the pharmacy.

Omnicell eMAR makes the medication administration process more efficient. But it also reduces medication administration errors, making the whole process safe, easy and reliable. The system captures every user interaction, providing an end to end accurate audit trail. National regulatory inspections are much easier with Omnicell eMAR. This provides peace of mind that all patient medication has been administered safely. Easy to follow processes for all staff and the reliable data show that everyone received the right medication and dose at the right time.

"Our staff have really embraced the new system and we have had multiple reports detailing just how easy it is to use. Since we’ve introduced Omnicell eMAR the risk of human error has been significantly reduced. Our residents’ safety has also increased."

Julie Spencer, Head of Care, Avery Healthcare Group




  • Personalised resident information
  • Patient barcode scanning
  • Simple alert and verification system
  • Reduced risk of potential medication errors. Pharmacies can immediately detail any changes to a prescription, including dose, on a centralised data base. This can be viewed by both pharmacy and care home.


  • One easy to learn and simple to use system
  • Equipment, software and licences provided


  • Reporting suite means you are always ready for a CQC inspection
  • Complete picture of medication administration
  • Manager’s dashboard including progress of rounds and missed medication
  • More quality time with residents thanks to faster medication checking
  • Monitor staff performance and identify ways of improving your care home service


7am to 9pm technical support, 365 days a year - contact 0161 413 5333

  • Omnicell provide everything that you need to get your care home started. This includes all equipment (hardware and software), installation, training and technical support.
  • Free custom planning and installation
  • Initial training and ongoing support every step of the way
  • How to guides
  • Online support within system

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