JVM 208

This ultra-compact automation robot effortlessly fills multi-dose blister trays or pouches. With easy one-person operation, you can scale up your MDS business without more staff cost.

JVM 208
JVM 208

MDS Pouch Filling Automation - JVM 208

With the JVM 208 automated medication adherence system, you can increase the revenues of your business, whilst removing time and mistakes from your monitored dosage system (MDS) pack filling. We offer two options, one for blister packaging and one for pouch packaging.

The biggest challenge in automated MDS filling systems is often the limited space available in local pharmacies. The JVM 208, however, is ideal for smaller pharmacies, it’s ultra-compact at less than one meter wide, with its 208 canisters fitting into a space of just 0.62m².

Patient safety is paramount too, with the JVM 208 equipped with barcode scanning for medication workflow management and canister self-positioning recognition. Compatible with Pharmacy Management Systems, the machine software enables easy workflow management including pill tracking, expiry date management and automated inventory control.


  • Dispenses from 208 canisters in a unit that’s 0.99m wide, 0.63m deep and 2.04m high
  • Up to 40 multi-dose blister trays per hour or 50 multi-dose pouches filled per minute
  • Special auto-canister for special shaped medicine or halved tablets
  • Loading error alerts with Auto canister self-positioning recognition (ACRS)
  • Emergency dispensing mode allows you to move an urgent item to next in the queue
  • RFID tag or barcode scanning for safer medication management before sealing each pouch
  • Tracking technology provides tablet location, usage, and expiry date visibility data
  • 26cm (10.4”) embedded touch-screen monitor for easy user interface and intuitive control
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning with detachable and revolving components and a sliding rail


JVM 208DOB – Blister:

Up to 40 multi-dose blister trays filled per hour

Size: 993mm wide x 560mm deep 2,040mm height  

Weight: 375kg


JVM 208DO - Pouch

Up to 50 multi-dose pouches filled per minute

Size: 990mm wide x 630mm deep 2,040mm height (208 cannisters)

Weight: 300kg


1x power socket minimum (2 recommended as a back-up)

1x network point minimum (2 recommended as a back-up)

Power consumption: 230W (Max 660W)

Power supply (Europe): 220-240V


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