Enhance the traceability of your medication supplies. At the touch of a button, MedX delivers live inventory data, giving your team a reliable medication management system

Pharmacy Hospitals Inventory Management Solution on desktop
Pharmacy Hospitals Inventory Management Solution on desktop

Improve traceability and the management of medication moving through multiple sites

Omnicell’s NEW solution, MedX manages medication and controlled drugs stock and provides one clear view of pharmacy inventory, in real-time, across a hospital, trusts or an integrated care system. At a touch of a button you will be provided with complete traceability and control of all medication inventory.

MedX can work independently or alongside Omnicell’s point of care solutions to to: 

  • Reduce unforeseen stock-outs of medication to help ensure that medication is available when and where you need it for your patients.
  • Significantly eliminates nursing time spent on searching, managing and ordering medication inventory.
  • Reporting suite containing more than 120 reports that can be filtered, viewed, exported and shared with minimal effort and maximum efficiency
  • The web based, real time stock level information dashboard and reporting suite links to your hospital reporting system. 

Controlled Drugs Management 

An electronic CD register, OmniCD sits within the reporting structure of MedX meaning you can access all information on your controlled drugs activity from one reliable and secure solution. This includes capturing the entire movement of controlled drugs from the moment it is added as a stock item to when it is administered to a patient. 

The MedX solution is flexible and adapts easily to suit your departments workflow and processes, therefore you determine your own hardware requirements and investment as devices can be shared within a location and not on a per person basis.  


MedX is the only solution in the UK market that can manage inventory stored in both open and closed
areas, allowing greater auditability for the whole hospital – as it collates data from Omnicell’s Automated Dispensing Cabinets, non-automated areas and displays the data on live dashboard

The MedX reporting suite contains more than 120 reports that can be filtered, viewed, exported and shared with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. The MedX reporting software dashboard at a glance:

Value of stock on hand:
List of cabinet stock levels including number of lines and total value in cabinet.

Controlled drugs register
A register listing all controlled drug usage in your cabinets.

Narcotic report:
Shows all transactions filtered by narcotic control levels.

Interactive dashboard reports for real time management information.


Minimum Requirements:

  • OmniCenter® 25.0 or higher
  • Windows 2012 or higher server
  • Contact us on 0161 413 5333 for upgrade information customised to your hospital's needs.


Contact 0161 413 5333 and then option 5 or email

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