AMiS-PRO Smart Cart

Close the loop on your medication administration. Make the last few metres of the medication round smarter, faster and safer

AMiS-Pro Smart Cart
AMiS-Pro Smart Cart

Transforming the medication round for patients and nurses alike

Working in partnership with Alphatron Medical Innovations, we are transforming your nurses’ patient care workflows with the AMiS-PRO Smart Cart, harnessing intelligent technology to deliver:

  • Smarter daily medication ordering and management - no note taking against printed lists, instead order and collect medications directly through your Omnicell XT ADC
  • Faster rounds with less repetitive tasks, walking to and from the patient
  • Safer delivery of medications with secured individual patient bins ensuring no mixing errors, and transparent closed loop recording of medication administration
  • By combining the functionality of medication trolleys with computers on wheels, and providing dedicated locking medication bins, the Smart Cart transforms medication dispensing rounds for nurses.

Closing the medication loop with the Smart Cart and Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets

By combining Omnicell XT Automatic Dispensing Cabinets (ADC) with the Smart Cart you can deliver closed loop medication administration direct to your patient’s bedside. Patient prescription data can be accessed directly from the Smart Cart from the patient’s bedside and their medications are queued to the ward ADCs for collection.

Your nursing staff benefit from a single visit to the ADC during each medication round, instead of multiple trips, whilst patients benefit from extra nurse time at the bedside and the peace of mind that patient safety is your top priority.

"We’re really excited to be trialling this innovative step forward in transforming how medications reach our patients on the round. We’re looking forward to seeing how the Smart Cart allows our nursing staff to spend more time with the patient at the bedside, whilst improving safety and transparency in our medication administration."

Andrew Hardy, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

AMiS-PRO Smart Cart


Built to last, easy to use

  • High quality design and materials
  • Automatic ergonomic working position
  • 10+ years lifespan
  • Passive and active work model
  • Electrical height adjustment for easy patient interaction
  • Reliable fan less battery system: runtime 12+ hours
  • Wifi enabled for access to EPR, ERMA and MAR systems


    AMiS-PRO Smart Cart 

    Base Dimensions: W 627mm x D520mm

    Work Surface: W 520mm x D 470mm

    Workspace Height: 81 - 116cm

    Power Input: DC-Power 12-24V


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