Track your supplies and capture real-time stock availability. Introducing intelligent procurement software that removes the stress caused by missing or expired supplies

Image of SupplyX Inventory Management System
Image of SupplyX Inventory Management System

Manage and improve traceability of medical supplies 

Tracking medical supplies across multiple sites can be a complex and unwieldy process. Inefficiencies lead to stockouts, waste and unneeded costs. The Omnicell® SupplyX Pharmacy Inventory Management System is the solution. It simplifies and automates this process with a real-time web-based dashboard. It also comes with a reporting suite for materials managers.

SupplyX connects directly to open shelving as well as to Omnicell XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets. Data is translated from these systems into the user-friendly dashboard. Log in from anywhere for an instant, real-time status check of stockout events, stock values, par values, patient costings and more. To do a deeper dive, simply drill down or click on any report in the dashboard.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

  • Easy-to-use dashboard gives you a real-world view of all stock at all sites.
  • Provides actionable insights needed for smooth pharmacy supply management.
  • Expanded inventory visibility lets you use and buy less.
  • Allows nurses to focus on face to face patient care, rather than searching for supplies. 

"Being able to view data on a hand held device means we can investigate everything on the move and that gives a different degree of confidence.This system is absolutely the way forward and it’s going to be an increasingly useful tool as we work with Omnicell to roll it out."

Chris Meayers-Norkett Head of Supply at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Learn more about SupplyX from University Hospital Southampton
Stuart MacMillan, WYAAT Scan4Safety Lead shares his experience of delivering a regional collaborative approach at West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts to improve supply chain and reduce patient harm with Omnicell's solution, SupplyX.


Enables dashboard-style analytics and reporting for Omnicell Supply Management System. This is regardless of whether it's used with open shelving or Omnicell XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets.

  • Developed specifically around GS1 and Scan4Safety requirements.
  • Every aspect of GTIN, GLN, GSRN and GIA/GRAI data capture and integration has been considered to provide the very best capture, reporting and outcomes.
  • Tracks costs at patient and procedure level.
  • Enables ordering to be based on current stock levels and usage, not order cycles.
  • Supports “hub and spoke” model of stocking.
  • Allows items to be easily located in a recall.
  • Web-based system is easy for users to learn and navigate—easy to add new supply items.
  • Dashboard can be customized by user with "favourites".
  • Time-saving mobile app for convenient cycle counting, transfers, and more.

Note: Features subject to availability by region and release date.


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