Well Pharmacy Share Their Journey With Pharmaself24

Well has a clear vision for how technology can support its goal of providing a patient-centric experience

There’s no doubting that running a pharmacy is a complex business, but at its heart there is a simple premise: to provide patients with the medicines they want at the time they need them.

For patients that are interested but resistant, the Pharmaself24 presents an ideal opportunity for staff to initiate conversations around care and compliance. The teams remain an integral part of the offering, and there is an understanding that the automation is a complementary addition rooted in serving the customer’s needs.

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Well Pharmacy

"The machine works and the beauty of it is that it’s actually very simple. It’s easy to operate, to load and for the customers to use. Hub and Spoke make no apologies for that and they’re really good guys to be working with."

Neil Stewart, Head of Essential Pharmacy, Well

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