Last year the Department of Health announced funding for 13 Trusts to invest in ePMA systems and medication administration systems with promise of further funding in 2019. This resource centre has been set up to support you in including evidence in any bid you make for funding for medication administration cabinets. On this page you can find out how integrating electronic prescribing systems with automated medication administration systems can help to safeguard against front line medication errors. It also includes benefits analysis from UK NHS Trusts already using our systems.

While ePMA systems improve patient safety to a certain degree, it won’t protect against the nurse picking the wrong drug or dose from the drug cupboard, selecting out of date stock or administering medication to the wrong patient. With over three quarters of medication errors within secondary care happening during the administration process, it’s vital that Trusts also have systems in place that ensure nurses are able to administer the right dose of the right drug to the right patient at the right time. Omnicell automated medication dispensing cabinets provide this safety net.


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