Make taking medication easy. Made with the safest packaging on the market, each pack contains the right pills at the right dose, ready to be taken at the right time

Image of single dose pill blister packs
Image of single dose pill blister packs

Improve Medication Management with High Quality Single Dose Blister Cards

Omnicell offers a variety of heat seal and cold seal blister cards for single-dose packaging of medications. Our weekly pill packs are designed specifically for community patients. Our monthly care packs are for use in care homes. Top-of-the-line single-dose blister pack medication cards bring specific benefits to your patients. You'll be helping improve medication management, the patient experience, and medication-related patient outcomes.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our medication adherence cards make taking medicine easy. Each personal pack contains the right pills and dose, ready to take at the right time.

  • Class B quality standard - we provide the safest packaging when it comes to the integrity and protection of repackaged drugs. It also guarantees SureMed by Omnicell are the lowest moisture permeable packs on the UK market.*
  • Can be customised to reflect your corporate identity and increase your brand equity.
  • SureMed by Omnicell blister cards are manufactured by Omnicell.


All standard single-dose blister cards are made from high-quality raw materials. This ensures durability and an attractive appearance. Adherence packaging is  Class B quality standard. This is the safest packaging when it comes to the integrity and protection of repackaged drugs. SureMed by Omnicell packaging is the lowest moisture permeable pack on the UK market.* Blisters are available in a range of sizes and made from environmentally friendly material.

The majority of our pill packs come with blisters already included. You can purchase extra blisters for all of our card packs.

Heat Seal Blister Cards

Heat seal blister cards are required for most pre-pack and automated medication packaging solutions. Omnicell's single-dose heat seal cards require heat sealing equipment, but the cards are more cost-effective than cold-seal packaging. We offer a range of heat sealing equipment, cards, blisters, and accessories to help support your pharmacy workflow. Find out more in our Pharmacy Catalogue.

Cold Seal Blister Cards

Regardless of the size of the pharmacy operation, Omnicell's cold seal blister cards are both efficient and reliable. This packaging is pressure-sensitive and does not require heat sealing equipment. Cold seal blister cards are ideal for heat-sensitive medications or when the use of a heat sealer is not practical. 


Single-dose blister cards can be co-branded or fully customised to promote your brand.

* Excludes SureMed by Omnicell weekly pill pack clear basic.


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